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Why Believe in Essential Oils

10 reasons why they are great


1.  Young Living owns their own farms.  They do not purchase their essential oils from a middleman or from someone’s backyard distillery with who-knows-what distilling methods.


2.  Anyone can visit their farms and participate in the harvesting and distilling processes.  They have nothing to hide.  Recently, the FDA reviewed Young Living for several days and could not find fault with anything.  This is unheard of in the world of natural products.


3.  They have a wonderful “Seed to Seal” guarantee!  See: What are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?”


4.  Young Living essential oils are first distillation only.  This is HUGE, as many oil companies will tell you that they use “complete distillation”; however, this means that while they may have an oil that smells sweet and they can offer it at a cheap price, it has no or little healing benefits.  Also, Young Living uses steam distillation, without using chemicals or solvents to extract the oils.


5.  Each batch of essential oils is rigorously tested, via in-house testing and third party testing, thus ensuring a quality product.


6.  All pest control is done with essential oils.


7.  All weeding is done by hand.  No Round-up used here!


8.  Young Living has over 20 years of experience and research behind them and their oils.


9.  Young Living has one of the best selections of single essential oils and blends of essential oils available.


10.  Young Living offers support and education as you begin on your journey toward health using essential oils, and they continue to support you through the years.


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